Bluhm Construction, Inc. is a locally owned family business that provides quality blacktopping, excavation, and snowplowing services to the Chisago Lakes Area for the past 30 years.

Don and Judy Bluhm started the business in 1978 providing residential & commercial blacktopping under the motto “Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten”. They soon realized, having started a new business, in what was a down market, similar to today, that they would need to diversify in order to make the business flourish.

In 1980 Don added onsite wastewater treatment systems (septic systems), sewer & water installations, and snowplowing to the list of services. The decision to diversify, as opposed to simply expanding the service area, was not difficult for him to implement. He has always been community orientated and felt the need to provide a variety of services to the community with whom he relies on.

In an attempt to assist other local business’s during the down market. Don and Judy Bluhm started the Home Improvement Show. The Bluhm Family ran the event for 19 years with their three children Kirk, Kim, and Rory helping along the way. The Home Show stills draws an enthusiastic crowd each year and is currently run by the local Chamber of Commerce.

Since inception, Kirk worked during the summer months side by side with his father, learning not only the skills of the trade, but also valuable ethics that have made the company a success for decades. After graduating from Alexandria Vo-tech and taking the gold medal at the 1986 United States Skill Olympics in heavy equipment mechanics, Kirk came back to work in the family business.

In 1990 a partnership was formed between Kirk & Don to further expand services to full-scale excavation, which included basement excavation, sewer & water mains, and road construction. After acquiring all the necessary equipment, bonds and licensing, they proceeded to provide the area with the highest quality blacktopping, excavation, and snowplowing services at pricing people could afford.

In 2004, Kirk purchased the business, taking full operational control, and has since added asphalt and concrete recycling to the list of services. Kirk has also acquired a MN Residential Contractors License #BC179412, which keeps him abreast of all new building code changes and requirements. The Bluhm Construction employees attend many hours of schooling each year and pride themselves on industry knowledge and new technological changes in the various fields like DOT, OSHA, MPCA, CTOT, and Pipe Layers training to name a few.

Then in 2008 a pinnacle for the company was reached when Kirk’s oldest son Shawn joined the Bluhm Construction Team, which would make it the third generation of Bluhm’s to service this great community.

Bluhm Construction, Inc. is proud to serve the Chisago Lakes Area and would like to thank the many thousands of customers we’ve had the pleasure of doing business with over the years. The entire Bluhm family greatly appreciates the loyalty and support, which this community has shown us over the last 30 years, and remember,


MN License #BC179412